More About FMCNA

Fresenius Medical Care is a company devoted to taking care of kidney patients. It provides its own dialysis products and services. It is a comprehensive package as it even provides services to doctors and companies as well. It has its own research centre and several satellite locations across North America where it provides dialysis services to patients.

FMNCA is successfully being lead by Bill Valle, The Chief Executive Officer.

Patient services include:

Dialysis at in-center as well as home dialysis units
Diagnostic and therapeutic vascular access for continuing dialysis
Medicines need in kidney care
Full-service integrated renal care including tie-ups with government and nephrologists.

Services offered to Doctors:

Clinical practice management with the help of experts
Simplified software solutions for nephologists and general physicians
Extensive lab and diagnostic services related to kidney diseases
Access to dialysis research sites and scientists
Creation of ambulatory/office based lab for nephrologists/hospitals